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We have an in-depth understanding of the San Diego Real Estate Market. We go beyond traditional real estate agency scopes and evaluate current market conditions, home location and amenities, and the best course of action to successfully buy or sell your property.


We pride ourselves on our uncompromising ethics and doing "the right thing" every time. Period.


Our goal is to help you fulfill your personal goals in real estate. We not only want you to find the property that "fits" your needs but for you to have enjoyed the process. We commit to excellent service that you will want to tell your friends and family about!


We like to make you feel comfortable in this mysterious maze of real estate. We do this by communicating. We make you aware of how, when and why things happen. We want you to make great decisions!


Fit Properties is a real estate investment firm dedicated to clients; buying, selling, and providing strategic investment opportunities to generate a passive wealth in owning real estate. Our passion in real estate lies in helping our clients make the best long-term financial decisions to "fit" their goals. We believe that by making smart decisions in real estate you can dedicate more of yourself to spending time where it is deserved, to your future and your family.


We are always striving for the best. We want to give you an exceptional experience, while also helping you to learn more about real estate along the way. With our experience, service, skill, communication and exceptional team we provide a seamless transaction. 


Have you seen our Team? We select only the very best who reflect the values of our company! Team Fit encompasses the highest ethics and integrity, not to mention super smart and over-achievers who are looking to make an impression by being highly experienced and always doing the "right thing"!


Fit Properties was founded by a desire to provide passive income to our clients through owning real estate. Our heart lies in giving people an opportunity to have more time to pursue their personal goals and spend time with their families. We believe in Real Estate investments providing financial freedom and affording the luxury of more time. 

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